Business to Business Recycling Services

SBC Recycle and the recycling industry, you might be affected.

Since COVID-19 many recycling companies were forced to downsize or just went out of business. But 18 months before that the recycling industry suffered a steep decline in revenue due to Trump imposing tariffs on all imports from  China and other countries. All of this caused the cost of recycling to increase. SBC Recycle was also affected therefore we are forced to charge for all items being recycled, with that said 90% of our customers will not be affected because the items being recycled has enough value to cover the cost of recycling, (see recycling cost below).

Recycling Cost

There are two charges associated with recycling.  

  1. The first would be the pickup fee (No pickup fee if you drop off your items) 
  2. The second would be for items being recycled (Most items are free to drop off)

Items We Buy (prices change based on the market)
To minimize the cost to you we give credit or purchase the following equipment. 

  • Hard drives – $0.10 to $50+  (Price varies based on age and/or working condition)  
  • Laptops Complete – $2 to $300+ (Price varies based age and operational status)
  • Desktops Complete  – $1 to $300+ (Price varies based age and operational status)
  • Network Gear – $1 to $300+ (Price varies based age, license, and operational status)
  • Servers Complete – $3 to $600+  (Price varies based age and operational status)


  • Items need to be newer and have some market value.
  • For best prices, the items should be complete with all parts and components
  • We still purchase older items but at a lower price
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